Quality of Life

One of the most appreciated benefits of the Ross Procedures is the ability to return to virtually any kind of work or recreational activity that one might desire. The only exception is extremely heavy weight-lifting (>150-200 lbs) as this creates excessive strain on the aortic valve.

At least three women have had at least two successful pregnancies after the Ross Procedure in Dr. Stelzer’s series. The fact that they could do this without any concern for bleeding or blood thinners was extremely reassuring to them.

Patients have returned to vigorous sports such as sky diving and even Iron Man Triathlon as well as demanding professions like law enforcement and fire-fighting. The natural flow patterns and wide openings of the normal human valves provide the patient with the best exercise capacity of any valve alternative. World-wide traveling presents no problem since most of these patients are not on any medication or have any medical restrictions.

Here are comments from two long-term Ross Patients:

“I often think of how lucky I am to have had the Ross…Everything is fine with the valves…I’ve had a wonderful seventeen years…I hope to have many more happy and productive years.”

“I am still alive…at 75..trout fishing. You operated on me 10/22.89.”